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Welcome to
Bright and Beautiful Virtual Quilt Show!

Please Click on each entry to see the specific details about the quilt including the quilt maker, the quilting techniques used, the finishing information, the pattern inspiration and the artist statement.

We encourage you to post positive comments about the quilts using the comments feature.  You can access the full quilt details   You can also like the quilt by choosing the heart on the right of the details box.

On this page you will find all the categories you may choose from for the Viewer's Choice Ribbon.


Amanda Martell

Benjamin Evans

Brian Partin

Corey J. Ralph

Darlene Hearn

Dawn Garrett

Dee Pimm

Holly Astill

Joan Marycz

Joyce Properzi

Kim Benesch

Linda Ralph

Michelle Cyr

Nevis Prufer

Q'orianka Reyes

Renee Chester

Rosalie Cote

Rose-May Watson

Samantha McNaughton

Tamela Padur

Tracey McKinnon

Show Categories

Functional Quilts are defined as bed or lap quilts of any style or design.

  • Large - The perimeter of the quilt shall be greater than 276 inches. 

  • Medium - The perimeter of the quilt shall be at least 201 inches, but not greater than 275 inches.  

  • Small - The perimeter of the quilt is a maximum of 200 inches. 


Art Quilts are quilts that are 100% the maker’s own design. These categories must be a completed quilt using any technique and may be any size.

  • Embroidery Quilt - Embroidery quilts can be made by hand or machine. 

  • Wall Hanging - A quilt designed to be hung on the wall.

Challenges are guild challenge item has a theme and must include a certain fabric provided to the members.  Can be any size, technique and finishing.


Youth Quilts are quilts constructed by youth and can be any size or design.

  • Quilt constructed by a quilter less than aged 11.   

  • Quilt constructed by a quilter aged 11-14.  

Other Quilted Items is an open category is for other quilted items that do not fit the descriptions of the other categories.  Examples include but are not limited to clothing, purses, bags, and other decorative or functional items involving sewing or quilting.

Group Quilts are quilts constructed as a team with two or more quilters.


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