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Jelly Bean Houses

Entry Number: 102

Quilt Maker: Holly Astill

Quilted By: Quilted by Machine (Domestic or Longarm) that is Hand-Guided: Holly Astill

Techniques: Pieced, Appliqué by Machine, Embellished by Hand, Embellished by Machine

Design Source: Sew Manly Quilting- Corey J. Ralph

Artist Statement

Corey from Sew Manly Quilting taught us the techniques for his original design of Jellybean Row- Signature Houses of St. John's. A number of our guild members worked on this wall hanging at a fall quilt retreat and everyone's project turned out so different. My wall hanging was put away for a long time as other projects took my attention.

The quilt show gave me the incentive to finish it up. It was fun to meet Corey and hear his personal stories from St. John's and his love of the Jellybean Houses.

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