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Long Line of Love

Entry Number: 21

Quilt Maker: Dawn Garrett

Quilted By: Quilted by Hand: Dawn Garrett

Techniques: Pieced, Appliqué by Machine

Design Source: Based on a design in the public domain.

Artist Statement

Poppa gave me Granny's jeans the winter after she passed away and asked me to make him a quilt with them. He wanted some of the pockets of her jeans in it, for his hankies. I added their wedding picture from 1952 and a picture of them from my wedding from 2004. Some of the blocks I design to match their life and to fill spaces needed, to make all the blocks fit. The other blocks I picked off a quilting app, were because of the block names matching my grandparents likes & lifestyle.

This quilt took a couple years to sew because I had a hard time cutting up Granny's jeans because they smelled like her, cutting with tears wasn't safe and I also didn't know which pattern I should use, wanting it to be perfect, before I decided to just put together a bunch of mixed up blocks. I used yarn to tie all the layers together. I gave it to Poppa for Christmas for 2017. It looked amazing on his bed, until I lost him in a car crash in the spring of 2018.

Now the quilt is used when I'm missing them & want to be wrapped in a Long Line of Love, Hugs & Memories!

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