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Ride at Dawn - My Happy Place STBS Row Along 2018

Entry Number: 136

Quilt Maker: Renee Chester

Quilted By: Quilted by Machine (Domestic or Longarm) that is Hand-Guided: Renee Chester

Techniques: Pieced, Appliqué by Machine, Thread Painted

Design Source: Original Design

For Sale $100

Contact the quilt maker to purchase:

Artist Statement

Can you tell if they are coming or going by their silhouettes? This was my row that I designed for the Seams to be Sew Sew along in 2018. I gave away the pattern for the female rider and decided to add a male rider to make a wall hanging. This was the very first time that I ever played with rulers on my HQ Sixteen. I love how I was able to accentuate the sunrise and the tall grass that the riders were traveling through.

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