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Two Roads Diverged

Entry Number: 30

Quilt Maker: Corey J. Ralph

Quilted By: Quilted by Machine (Domestic or Longarm) that is Hand-Guided:

Kim Caskey Custom Quilting

Techniques: Pieced

Design Source: Ricky Tims Convergence Technique

Artist Statement

In the wake of urbanization and global warming, many of the paths and trails I knew as a child have been laid with asphalt or concrete. I often reflect on the simple paths I walked as a child - those with a thick blanket on green grass or wild flowers. I always loved the smell of the grass path early in the morning, fresh with dew.

In a world where value is placed on urbanization, I fear we will lose the simple pleasure of walking barefoot down a garden path. This piece reflects the convergence of field and street, path and walkway, trail and road. The greens and yellows symbolize nature in her ultimate beauty, while the blue represents the modernization of man.

This piece uses Ricky Tims' Harmonic Convergence technique with one print fabric and one ombré fabric.

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