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Variegated Summer (VS) Sampler

Entry Number: 146

Quilt Maker: Renee Chester

Quilted By: Quilted by Machine (Domestic or Longarm) that is Hand-Guided: Renee Chester

Techniques: Pieced

Design Source: Original Design

For Sale $1200

Contact the quilt maker to purchase:

Artist Statement

I wanted to design and make a quilt that would be challenging to myself and others. I definitely achieved my aim. I started this quilt in June 2019 and finished it in October 2019. This was a Sew Along Project that I ran thought my blog so that others could make the quilt with me over the summer holidays. I released one block each Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, until all 41 blocks were completed. There are 2407 pieces in this sampler.

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